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Reasons to consider buying our palletized Yellow Birch, Fir/Larch and Pine firewood

Ever get a load of bulk firewood dumped on your driveway or in your truck that has so much bark, dirt, gravel and other unwanted material..Does that make you feel like you got a fair deal ?

This neat package .........................Or this "pile"
cfl birch pallet

Our 1.5 Cu Metre pallet is a neat aprox 4x4x4' package made up of 36 tight stacked bundles. The pallet is completely sealed from the elements. The firewood pieces are consistently sized and clean as they have not been stored in a wet or snowy pile on gravel or dirt at a garden or gravel sales centre
This is the typical pile dumped on your driveway delivered by other firewood vendors.
The firewood is often dirty and either wet or covered in snow as its stored in outdoor piles.
More often than not there is a pile of gravel, dirt and bark to clean up after as well
pallet unstack  birch pile
Our pallets are quick and easy to unstack as the bundles hold the
wood together for a neat and stable stack

When you buy our Palletized Firewood, it is clean because it's been hand picked while stacking the pallets, this leaves most of the the bark, dirt and rocks out of the wood and back at our yard and not yours... Our wood is not stored in large piles outdoors exposed to rain and snow (and collecting bugs), Our firewood is stacked neatly on pallets and covered, where it ages and seasons properly.

Plus the customer can always tell they're getting the correct cord measure they paid for
because you can see that the wood is tight stacked and the measurement can be checked. If you have bought firewood at a garden centre or bulk gravel outlet, the workers use short cuts like "8 loader buckets are a cord" or the "The delivery truck box half full is a cord " , This is not the way to get a fair measurement, but is common practice. Often these people doing this could care less if it's even close, they are concerned with what's easy for themselves.

Some places in Calgary sell their wood by weight, that's very risky as firewood like poorly seasoned birch can weigh 30 to 40 % more than dry seasoned birch. You will pay more for lower quality ! This how they sell gravel and sand (weight in /weight out) and weighing the wood is easy for them, but bad for you.

Cord measures make very little sense in this day and age and no two firewood retailers will use a consistent amount each time, its different every day and with every different person loading the wood. it pretty much a guess every time. Even if the supplier stacks the wood, the different sized lengths and shapes means a different amount each time so even that is not an assurance of quantity.

"Guesstimating" a cord measurement by a firewood reseller can leave you with 25-30% less wood than you thought you had bought and paid for. Shopping or calling around to all the firewood resellers with the assumption that their cord is the same as the last guys cord in order to save a few dollars can be a waste of time if the measurements are not accurate and in our opinion, this is more common than it should be in Alberta.

Getting a "cord" of firewood for $50.00 to $100 less in savings can be negated because you actually got less firewood PLUS you also buy a load of bark and dirt along with it.

With loose bulk firewood I can pretty much guarantee you that they are NOT actually measuring each load of wood by making a 4x4x8 stack, they are guessing it. The loose wood is always a lot less than the stacked wood. How can you compare prices when every place in town is doing something different. With a pallet you can see the actual stack and each pallet is consistently sized.

Firewood sold in larger mesh bulk bags and bulk tote bags will be less than a quarter cord no matter what they tell you. These bags are standardized at a maximum size of 27 cu feet when filled with a fine grained product like sand or grain, however loose firewood does not fill the spaces up so it likely to be at least 25% less than quarter cord.

The wood on our pallets are tight stacked, so there are not gaps and spaces like loose wood. Our Canada Firewood 1.5 cubic metre size pallet works out to just under a half a cord of tight stacked wood,  just a few cubic feet less (5% or so less ),  its the closest thing to the half cord measurement. In Europe where all firewood is sold by the m3, the equivalent to a "cord" is 3 cu metres (3M3), which is very close to a cord in actual volume. 5 %to 10%  less is much better than 25 to 30% less if you are comparing prices per cord measure with other vendors.

You will get almost exactly the right amount or more on each of our consistently sized pallets simply because we require the pieces to be a lot more accurate in order to build a stable pallet. 

fir bundle

Each 1.5 cubic metre Birch or Fir pallet is made up from  36  neat and consistent bundles.

Each ideally sized bundle will make at least one nice long lasting fire on average. That's 30 to 40 fires per pallet for most people depending on burning habits. A bundle is more wood than most fireplaces can hold at one time.

The wood is clean, neatly stacked and to easy move and re-stack once the pallet arrives at your home.

Easy, neat and slick.

Packaging note:
At Canada Firewood, we take pride in strategically packing the bundles to get the most possible wood.  When we unpack all of this wood and unstack it, it consumes a footprint of approximately 4x4x4 making it close to half chord in volume.  We believe consumers benefit from packaging this wood tightly.

Another way of looking at this is by the weight.  A full chord of dry pine weighs an average of 2,290 pounds (see  ).  The average,  when weighing one of the skids of pine that contained 36 bundles was 480 kg or 1,056 pounds as this wood was super dry.  Using this method, our product will be just slightly under a half chord,  if the wood was not as dry it would be slightly over.

Our firewood is guaranteed to be dry and properly seasoned unlike the vast majority of firewood in the area, most birch firewood sold in Calgary is LESS than a year old and not seasoned properly.  All of our premium firewood is moisture tested to insure it is ready to burn.

We will NOT sell unseasoned birch firewood and we guarantee that.

Generally we are a bit more cost wise, but when it all comes down to a fair comparison, we are pretty much the same as most others. Our wood is handled more, aged longer and stored properly, so it has to cost a bit more than wood treated like gravel and stored in piles on wet ground.

We feel that hand selected, tight stacked firewood pallets add a lot of value and insure quality. We've been doing this for close to 20 years and still have many of our original clients from the beginning. They stick with us for reason.

Try our pallets just once and you'll see the difference .

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stacking wood

Updated November 2012

Stacking Service

Per Pallet ...$60.00

Please check first, we generally do NOT offer stacking service in the summer season due to staff and time constraints.

Prices are subject to an increase when site conditions when they go beyond normal parameters such as carrying firewood over long distances, excessive obstacles and up stairs etc.

GST not included


Canada Firewood
Toll free 1- 877-894 -9378

Direct (403) 638-8090